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The Latest on the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade

It is almost Spring!!  (Well, it might not seem like it in the Northeast right now with the latest polar vortex but now you have something to look forward to in the next few months.)  The Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade is getting close to being finished and it will be on Main Street U.S.A. before we know it.

Check out the latest from the Disney Imagineers.

It has been so long since we’ve had a new 3 o’clock parade and I am sooooo excited about this one!!!

Which float are you most excited about?

Here is some concept art to help get you excited:

Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade Coming to Magic Kingdom Park in 2014

'Peter Pan'-Themed Float for the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade Coming to Magic Kingdom Park in 2014

The Story of 'Tangled' Will be Highlighted in the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade Coming to Magic Kingdom Park in 2014

Throwback Thursday – Flag Retreat Ceremony

Earlier this week, we posted on the Flag Retreat Ceremony for Veterans Day.

In honor of Veterans Day, I bring you a snap shot of the Flag Retreat Ceremony from 1982 at the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom.  (Back then you just said Disney World since that was the only park open at the time.) And remember, I was using a Kodak Instamatic and wasn’t going for the professional look, so no judgments. :)



What is strange is that I still watch the Flag Retreat Ceremony from the same spot outside the Emporium 31 years later.  Old habits die-hard.

I love the old Mickey Mouse balloons you can see in the picture.  Sure, they popped really easily but they remind me of my childhood and make me smile.

Do you notice anything about the picture – besides the short shorts and that there are trees on Town Square?  There aren’t any strollers anywhere to be found.  I’m going to have to think about that for a while.

Limited Time Magic: Veterans Salute this Week

In honor of Veterans Day, there will be an enhanced Flag Retreat Ceremony  for the Limited Time Magic promotion at the Magic Kingdom this week (November 11th – 15th).

You’ll be able to enjoy the patriotic music of the Main Street Philharmonic and the Voices of Liberty, as well as honor a deserving armed forces service member or veteran.

If you aren’t familiar with the Flag Retreat Ceremony you are missing a very moving event that occurs daily.  During the day, a member of the armed forces or a veteran is selected and at 5:00 p.m. he or she assists WDW Security with the lowering of the American Flag in Town Square at the Magic Kingdom.  For participating the individuals receives a certificate, a photo taken at the event, and a pin.  There is music and pomp and circumstance and everything that makes a patriotic heart swell with pride.

Here is a random video of the Flag Retreat Ceremony from youtube.com:

If you are in the Magic Kingdom, you won’t be sorry that you took time out of your day to see the Flag Retreat Ceremony.  It is one of the reasons the Magic Kingdom remains so special.



Throwback Thursday – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Throwback Thursday is a new feature – shamelessly stolen from Twitter and Facebook.

I’ve been going to Walt Disney World since I was a little girl.  We don’t have a lot of surviving pictures but I have found a few.  The photography isn’t very good since a Kodak Instamatic was probably used but it is fun to remember Walt Disney World with fond memories even if the pictures aren’t crisp and clear or taken with any skill.  (Don’t judge me, I was a teenager.)

Anyone have fond memories of the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Submarine Voyage?


A view of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Submarine Voyage taken from the Skyway to Fantasyland in 1985.

Do you have any retro pictures of Disney Attractions to share?  Just let me know and maybe we can use your photo memories in an upcoming Throwback Thursday feature.

Day 3 – Tonya’s Disney Adventure

Day 3!  What adventures will it bring?  Today was Sunday and that meant it was time for Ros and I to change studio rooms at Disney’s Boardwalk Villa.

Ros is a Disney Vacation Club owner and she booked the Boardwalk 11 months out since the Boardwalk is her home resort but she still couldn’t get the same studio villa for the entire length of her stay.  Sooooooo, we packed up and called Bell Services to come and get our 20 pieces of luggage and “stuff”.  A lot of it was mine but a good bit was still Ros’.   It filled up an entire luggage cart with no room to spare.

During the night, the front desk had called and left a message for us that Ros’ credit card wouldn’t go through.   We decided the best course of action would be to go to the front desk and resolve the credit card issue and check in for out next stay at the same time.  For some reason, the Disney Visa card wasn’t going through.  Unwilling to accept that as an answer since she knew there was not anything wrong with the credit card, Ros called Chase Disney Visa who deteremined that it was simply a Disney computer system problem.  We could tell the front desk cast member didn’t really believe the Chase person but eventually they were able to get the credit card to go through and that was that.  The real moral of the story is to not take “no” for an answer when you know you are right.

We were able to check back in to our next room but the room wouldn’t be assigned yet.  The hotel would text Ros when it was ready so we had a few hours of being homeless.  But if you are going to be homeless then being homeless at Disney World is the way to go.

Ros had plans with a local friend and I decided to go the Magic Kingdom to putz around for a couple of hours.

When I arrived at the Magic Kingdom, the first problem I encountered was that my Magic Band didn’t have my Annual Pass linked to the band even though I spend a good while the night before linking everything to my account.  The cast member working the “turnstiles” told me to go the City Hall on Main Street and they would be able to resolve the issue.

Off to City Hall I go.  The line is out the door but I am determined to make things work with my new fangled pink Magic Band.  After about 15 minutes, there was a Guest Services cast member expedititng the line.  I explained what my problem was and he indicated that I should wait in line and someone could address my problem.  About 15 minutes later of standing in the sun, the next Guest Services cast member expeditor told me I needed to go to the  Town Square Theater and not City Hall.  It didn’t take long for the cast member to realize my frustration of waiting in line for 30 minutes only to be told I am in the wrong line – especially since I told her of my frustration of waiting in line for 30 minutes to be told I was in the wrong line.  Just as fast as I bemoaned, she got her special golden ticket book and wrote out a fast pass to be used where ever I wanted.  I thanked her and trudged over to the Town Square Theater.

At the Town Square Theater there was a few cast member with their specially equipped iPad to assist the general public with fast passes and the like.  I explained my problem and the cast member started doing all kinds of voodoo magic on the various devices she had.  After a few minutes she determined that she needed to “call it in”.  She told me to wait right there while she made “the call” at the phone across the room.  So I waited, and waited, and waited.  Finally, she comes back and asks for my email address so they can access my My Disney Experience account.  And I wait, and wait, and wait some more.  After 45 minutes, the cast member comes back and says the problem has been resolved but they had to reissue my Annual Pass.  I told her as long as it worked they could reissue what ever they wanted.  She tried to explain the problem as a glitch in the system between the old User Name login and the new Email login.  If you originally set up your account using a User Name there is probably a problem and a shadow account will be active and some things will go to the real account and some things will go to the shadow account.  At this point I was tired and VERY hungry so I was just trying not to go all Maleficent on the cast member’s backside.  I may have missed a few of the finer points of her explanation.  I did however suggest to the cast member that they should probably put in a bench next to their station for people to sit on while they wait.  What can I say, a little Maleficent sneaks out when I am tired and hungry no matter how hard I try.

Since food had become a major priority, I made a bee line to Casey’s Corner.  Usually I get the corn dog nuggets when I stop in at Casey’s but decided to be adventurous and get the barbeque slaw dog  instead.  Oh my!!!  That thing was huge!!!  It was two meals in one.   Thankfully I lucked out and found a table out side with some shade since there was no way I would able to eat my food at an improvised table.  After giving it my best attempt,  I gave up trying to eat all of the food before me.  It was just too much food no matter how hungry I was.  Next time, I will just ask for a slaw dog and leave off the barbeque.

With my inner princess back in working order and Maleficent in check – and since I was leaving the Magic Kingdom – I scoped out a person to give my golden ticket fast pass to.  Turns out I didn’t have to look far.  The table next to me was occupied by “1st Time Visit” button wearing guests.  I asked them if they knew about fast passes and explained the golden ticket and that I was leaving and couldn’t use it and would they like it.  They said they would definitely use it and I happily – now that I had food in my system – left the Magic Kingdom.

After a few shopping errands were done around Orlando, I returned to the Boardwalk since Ros texted me that the room was ready.  This time I didn’t valet park and that was a mistake.  The parking lot is quite a trek from the resort entrance and I was carrying a few heavy bags.  UGH!!!  I was worn out by the time I made it to the front desk.  There was a helpful cast member with her trust iPad in hand ready to give me our newly assigned room number.   I trudged my way to our new room only to find out that my Magic Band wouldn’t open the door and I didn’t have a regular room key.  After gathering up my bags, I trudged back downstairs to wait in line to get the issue resolved.  I won’t go in to all of the details of the machinations that took place but after about an hour I was assured that my Magic Band was all set and ready to go.

After another trudging back to the room with my heavy bags, my Magic Band opened the door.  I was so excited!!!  It is amazing what little things make you happy after having a pretty crappy day.

This was the view from the balcony of our new room:


After my trying day, I decided to just hang out in the room for the night and get some work done and watch Amazing Race.  (A girl has to have her priorities.)  I did happen to watch Illuminations:  Reflections of Earth from the balcony.



So, although I wasted about 3 hours of my day on Magic Band glitches, the day ended nicely.  And in the worlds of Scarlett O’Hara, “Tomorrow is another day.”

Day 4 – Magic Band powers activate!


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