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Throwback Thursday Photo of the Day – Pleasure Island

Today is Throwback Thurdsay and we are going old school Pleasure Island circa 1989 with a “vintage” Pleasure Island button.  Ahhhh, the good old days.

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Many of my nights were spent dancing on the spinning dance floor of Mannequins.  I loved Mannequins they played great music and entering the club from the third floor was a way to make an entrance.  And thanks to the ventilation system you could dance all night and come out smelling like hairspray instead of smoke.

I miss having a place where you could be surrounded by just adults on Disney property and have some fun with friends or meet new friends.  Besides Mannequins, there was the Comedy Warehouse where Disney Cast Members were parodied in skits, the Adventurers Club where you could sip a Kungaloosh while your elephant leg bar stool would rise and fall at will, and the Fireworks Factory where you could get Cherry Bombs that were lethal.  And it was Mardi Gras every night in the street!!!!  Lots of other clubs came and went with the various trends of America and the ticketing went from a cover charge for the whole Pleasure Island area to opening the gates and charging at each club and the street was a thorough fare for the West Side – just for the record, it isn’t as much fun to be thrust into a child friendly environment after a few cocktails and you’ve been dancing up a storm in a club.  But the initial concept (in my opinion, and I am most definitely biased) was the best.

For those of you who are too young to remember the golden age of Pleasure Island, I’m sorry you missed out on a good time that I don’t foresee being replaced anything soon.  I am however looking forward to the opening of Disney Springs to see if even an iota of the magic of the old Pleasure Island can be recreated.

Merchandise Monday – New T-Shirts at Disney World

It is a dreary, rain threatening Monday at Walt Disney World.  But the old saying holds true:  A bad day at Disney World is better than a good day at work – especially when it is Merchandise Monday.

I was strolling around Downtown Disney yesterday and found so many cute t-shirts that I went crazy and starting snapping pictures so I could share them with you.  It was so refreshing to see so much new merchandise at one time. Usually it just trickles in slowly over at a glacial pace but not this time.  There is so much new “merch” my head was spinning.  Check out these fun new t-shirts:



Most of the t-shirts were $21.95 but a few were $24.95 and came in a range of sizes from XS – XXXL.  And if you can’t make a special trip to Florida to buy your t-shirt but have to “Show your Disney Side”, contact Shop the Magic for all of your personal shopping needs.


~~~ Happy Shopping!!!~~~

Holiday Wish List at Earl of Sandwich

We’ve always loved the Holiday Turkey Sandwich but this year the Earl of Sandwich is stepping up their game.









They have added a Holiday Ham Sandwich, Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes, and Peppermint Brownies.  YUMMMMMM!!!!  I may have to make a stop at Downton Disney this week to enjoy the new menu additions.

Don’t delay though, these holiday delights are only available for a limited time.

Limited Time Magic Presents Sidewalk Chalk Art Fest at Downtown Disneys

A Chalk Art Festival is happening October 4-6, 2013 at both Downtown Disneys (Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort) as part of the Limited Time Magic promotion.   Artists will turn the concrete sidewalks of Downtown Disney into vibrant, three-dimensional works of art.  (Let’s hope it doesn’t rain!!)

Limited Time Magic Presents Street Painting Fest

Pictured: Chalk artist Lori Hughes, from Galloway, Ohio, during the 2012 Festival of the Masters at Downtown Disney. (Kent Phillips, photographer)

If you can’t make the Limited Time Magic Downtown Disney Chalk Art Festival this week, be sure to plan to go to the annual Festival of the Masters art show, held November 8-10 at Downtown Disney, at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista because there is Sidewalk chalk art then also.

Merchandise Monday – Disney Vera Bradley Update

As we reported last week, the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley is debuting (after a long wait when they first teased us in March at the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival) at a special release party on September 21, 2013 at the World of Disney in Downtown Disney Marketplace at the Walt Disney World Resort! The event will begin at 7:30 a.m. and will be your first opportunity to purchase items from the new collection on a first-come, first-serve basis

California guests will have to wait until Monday, September 23 to find the collection at select locations at the Disneyland Resort.  And the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley won’t be available at the Disney Park online store until October 2013.

Disney Collection by Vera Bradley Coming to Walt Disney World Resort on September 21, 2013

Initially, the collection will have two patterns, “Just Mousing Around” (pink background) and “Midnight with Mickey” (black background).  The prices weren’t initially announced but with some sleuthing we found the price list.

Backpack – $99.00
Cosmetic Case – $35.00
 Duffle – $99.00
Hipster – $70.00
ID Case – $15.00
Mini-Hipster – $60.00
 Smart Phone Wristlet – $55.00
Tote – $99.00

Disney Collection by Vera Bradley Coming to Walt Disney World Resort on September 21, 2013

Disney Collection by Vera Bradley Coming to Walt Disney World Resort on September 21, 2013Disney Collection by Vera Bradley Coming to Walt Disney World Resort on September 21, 2013







Now for the new and exciting scoop!!!  It looks like another pattern will be available at some point!!!!

Here is what the 3rd Disney pattern due out in December looks like.

There aren’t any details yet and this is unconfirmed.  So stayed tune for news as it breaks!!!


And if you can’t be in Orlando or Anaheim anytime soon and you just have to have one of the Vera Bradley bags, contact Shop The Magic.  They are currently taking preorders.

Happy Shopping!!!

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