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Disney Fandom Rumor Mill – Soft Drink Price Increase

The Disney Fandom Rumor Mill has been busy again and this time not for the good.  Apparently soft drinks property-wide have increased to $2.69 and $3.19. (That is a $0.20 increase for the large size and a $0.10 increase for the medium.)

Now, I love my Diet Coke and am no means cheap but $3.19 for a large soft drink is a bit much for me to stomach since a 2-Liter bottle of Diet Coke is only $1.99.  It wouldn’t be so hard to take if there were free refills, like at a few of the quick service restaurants, but for a one-time fill up I am questioning my sanity at paying that price.

(Presumably, this increase in drink prices also applies at the resorts but since you can buy a mug for the length of your stay the price increase isn’t as daunting.)

I am sure that when I am tired and hungry and waiting in line at the Columbia Harbour House that I will forget my current outrage and go ahead and order my large Diet Coke – which I am sure is what Disney is hoping – but somewhere in the back of my mind I will be cringing on behalf of my wallet and secretly praying that my 401(k) will get fully funded this year.

For right now, my plan is to only get a soft drink where there are free refills and drink healthy water instead.

I can think of a few refillable locations but help me think of the rest.

So far, I’ve got these:

Epcot – Electric Umbrella, Sunshine Seasons

Magic Kingdom – Tortuga Tavern, Be Our Guest (lunch service)

Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Backlot Express

Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Restaurantosaurus

Any others?

Are you upset at the rumored price increase?   Can you think of any other free refill locations?

Disney Fandom Rumor Mill – Free Dining & Room Only Discounts

As we reported recently, the Disney Fandom Rumor Mill is buzzing with news that Free Dining and Room Only discounts could be announced soon.

We have it on good authority that the rumors might come true tomorrow (8/1).  Here are the rumor details:


Fall Free Dining Offer

Booking window: Aug 1 – Sep 15

Travel: Sept 29 – Oct 2, Oct 18 – Nov 2, Nov 11-23, Dec 12 – 22

Minimum 3 night stay with 2-day tickets

Excluded resorts – All Star Movies, Art of Animation, Port Orleans French Quarter and the Grand Floridian.


Fall Room Only Offer

Booking window: Aug 1 – Sept 15

Travel: Sept 29 – Nov 22, Nov 30 – Dec 23

Discount is tiered: 15% for values, 20% for moderates, 30% for villas and deluxe

Excluded Resorts – The Mermaid Rooms at Art of Animation and Port Orleans Riverside.


As soon as we have confirmation, we will let you know.  But I have a feeling you need to get your hearts set on a Walt Disney World trip in the near future!!!!


Disney Fandom Rumor Mill – Free Dining Dates to be Released

The Disney Fandom Rumor Mill is running rampant in the Disney community.  This blogger has heard it from two separate sources that Free Dining dates will be released soon for Walt Disney World Resort.

It looks like you will have book by November 15 and travel between these dates:

  • September 29 to October 2, 2013
  • October 18 to November 2, 2013
  • November 11 to November 23, 2013
  • December 12 to December 22, 2013

This is typically when Free Dining Specials have been announced by Disney in the past so it won’t be shocking if the rumors do come true.

So, get your calendars out and calculate how many vacations day you have left so you will be ready to book when/if Disney makes the announcement.   Our favorite travel agent, Nicole Riley from Travel on a Dream, is ready to make reservations for you when the time is right.  Contact her at .

If you aren’t a fan of the Disney Dining Plan then don’t worry, along with Free Dining, Disney typically releases Room Only Rate Specials as well.  So it looks like there will be something for everyone if the Disney Fandom Rumor Mill is accurate.

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