Jaime & Ethan’s Pinky Swear Trip: Day 5, Part 2 “Magic Kingdom Whirlwind”

The rest of our day at the Magic Kingdom is an interesting mix of rides and events. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of rhyme or reason in our movements…

We take the train from the front of the park over to Frontierland. Here we see a squirrel being fed by some people.

We ride Big Thunder Mountain and try to do Tom Sawyer’s Island, but the line is pretty long.

How about we head into Adventureland for Ethan’s First Dole Whip?

Please notice that Ethan’s shirt appears to be soaked. That is because, as we stood in line for the Dole Whips, the skies opened up for a 20 minutes monsoon. Ethan was on one side of the stand in line, I was on the other (divide and conquer). My side had the advantage in 2 lines were open and we had cover to get out of the rain. Ethan’s side was using HIM as cover! We were texting to see who was getting closer to the front of the line and he came over when we realized mine was the better side.

Haunted Mansion
Ariel’s Grotto
Journey of the Little Mermaid

Yeah, I don’t know what we’re doing either…

Back to Adventureland! We meet Rosetta (?) and Tinkerbell.

Over to the Tiki Room and I’m starting to lose my mind –

Pirates of the Carribbean
Peter Pan’s flight

Trying something new tonight, we decide to watch Wishes from New Fantasyland! I’m standing out in the courtyard and Ethan goes and sits down against the wall. I want to be out though where I can look in every direction. So I’m spinning around, trying to catch every explosion wherever it goes off – I don’t know he’s taking pictures of me. I start talking to the woman next to me and we’re having a blast making ourselves dizzy. Turns out her husband was sitting next to Ethan!

It was cool, but I like the front of the castle better.

After the fireworks, we head over to Be Our Guest for dinner. Ethan is coming down with a cold. When the chef comes out to take our order, Ethan asks for some raw garlic. The chef comes back a few minutes later and slips Ethan a wadded up paper towel.

We both ordered the Grilled Strip Steak – with garlic-herb butter and pommes frites $33.49. The garlic worked it’s magic and Ethan feels well enough to enjoy our meal.

Two very tired people take the bus back to AKL.

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