Jaime & Ethan’s Pinky Swear Trip: Day 5, Part 1 “Pepperoni, Mushroom, and Pepperoni!”


Breakfast this morning is in the hotel, we are heading down to Boma. I have heard really good things about the gluten free breakfast here.

We are taken through the buffet and are told what’s safe and what’s not. I ask for Allergy Waffles and gluten free donuts. And… gluten free zebra domes, maybe, please?


The difference between a regular zebra dome and a GF zebra dome? The bottom – instead of a slice of cake, it’s a piece of chocolate. I like them better than the regular!!!!

The problem with Boma breakfast is the price, in my opinion. Over $20 a person – we did not eat that much food…

We take a bus over to Downtown Disney and spend a couple hours browsing through all the shops. At around 11:00, we went over to Splitsville, the new bowling alley, and rented a lane for an hour. You are given shoes and menus, but we were going to eat afterwards so we didn’t order anything. By focusing on the bowling, we got 3 full games in during our hour.

She even posed for me!

I broke a nail bowling!

Here is a photo of the last time I was ahead – turns out my husband bowls fairly well…

We had a really great time, although I aggravated a hip injury from over the summer and will limp for the next 3 days. MENTAL NOTE: Bowling should only be done at the END of a vacation!

We have a 1:00 ADR to have lunch here at Splitsville, but we checked in early and they took us (it wasn’t busy on a weekend). We ask to be seated outside.

Splitsville has an extensive gluten free menu! I have been counting down the days until I can try the pizza here. I ordered the Gluten Free + 3 – your choice of three toppings to our GF Cheese: pepperoni, bacon, black olives, broccoli, red peppers, grilled chicken, mushrooms, onions.

I got pepperoni, mushroom, and pepperoni!

Ethan’s lucky I let him try it! And it was a pretty big pizza, but it was so amazing!

Ethan ordered the Steak Fajita Bowl РGrilled marinated steak is served with saut̩ed red and green peppers, onions then drizzled with tataki sauce. Served with sushi rice and cilantro

We are really happy with our Splitsville experience as I limp away to catch a boat to Old Key West. It’s where I own my DVC points, so Ethan wants to look around.

From OKW, we take a bus to the Magic Kingdom. First thing we do is meet Talking Mickey again. This time, Mickey shows me a card trick!

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