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Jaime & Ethan’s Pinky Swear Trip: Day 8 “The End”


Last breakfast with the zebras… Hotel check out time (boooooooo). We check our bags with the airline check in and leave our carry ons with Bell Services before grabbing a bus to the Magic Kingdom one last time.

It’s cold out – we’re back to our “winter” clothes.

I have no idea why (or whose idea it was) to do a Tiana meetup. Even Tiana is in her “winter” clothes!

Since we didn’t make rope drop and we had to wait for Tiana to show up, it’s now time for an early lunch!

Allergy Chicken Tenders…

We are really not feeling like ourselves – Liberty Belle boat ride was next?!?!?!

Then Small World? I’m feeling foggy-headed just reliving this day!

We decide to do Enchanted Tales with Belle again – Ethan wants to view it from the benches, instead of standing against the wall for once. I think the look on my face in line shows that I’m not feeling too good.

We’re pooped. We take the bus back to AKL early – we’re going to hit Sanaa one more time for lunch!

Ethan ordered a grilled lamb kefka, served on pappadum instead of a naan bun – not possible to eat this like a sandwich…

I just had a bowl of tomato soup.

We take the bus to Jambo house instead of walking. We browse the gift shop and then plant ourselves in the bar (after getting our bags from Bell Servies). I plant a seed in Ethan’s ear. “You should run down to Mara and get some zebra domes for the airport.”

He laughs and sits there. 3 minutes later, he gets up and trots off. :-)

They don’t travel well…

But they were yummy!!!

See ya real soon!

Jaime & Ethan’s Pinky Swear Trip: Day 7 “Again, There’s Just 1 Part!”


It is a cold, cruddy, rainy day in Disney. Ethan is pretty sick and shouldn’t be out in this weather. I make the executive decision that we will be having Room Service for Breakfast. I call down and they put a chef on the phone (allergies!) and we go through what I want.

The carafe of juice has had many names over the years – right now they call it POG. Passion fruit, orange, guava. It’s amazing!

Now that’s how allergy waffles should be cooked!

Ethan goes back to sleep and I finish my book, facebook, watch the animals. It’s a very laid back day.

When he opens his eyes again about 3:30, I make a suggestion – “Are you up for another dinner at Sanaa? I can get us a 5:00 ADR.”

We walk over to Kidani and take in the viewing area again. I didn’t even bother to put my contacts in today, that’s how lazy a day it’s been!

I’m trying to point out our room. I’m failing.

Hidden Mickeys???

We order tea to start.

The bread service – of course.

Ethan got the butter chicken and short ribs again, I opted for the tomato soup and Seasonal Kulfi with chef’s accompaniments for dessert. It was weird, but mostly good. The pomegranate seeds kinda threw me…

We decide over dinner that we’ll head over to EPCOT for a couple of hours – such is the joy of Annual Passes.

So we catch the bus to Epcot and hang out in Future World for a few rides (Seas with Nemo, Turtle Talk with Crush, and Living w/the Land) before heading out to Germany for caramels!

We make it to the American Pavillion before Illumination starts and watch from a very strange place, off to the left of the stage.

We wander our way around the World Showcase, taking our time. Back through Future World and one last ride on Spaceship Earth before grabbing a bus to AKL.

Jaime & Ethan’s Pinky Swear Trip: Day 6, “There is Only 1 Part to Today”


Today, we have a late start, since a little Recovery Time from the past few days is in order. While the garlic helped, Ethan is still sick.

I spend my time reading, animal watching, and Facebooking.

By the time Ethan is awake enough to eat, I am able to run down to Mara for lunch instead of breakfast. We eat on the balcony.

He got a turkey sandwich, I got allergy chicken tenders, and I asked for an order of GF zebra domes.

We finally get it together and take the bus to Hollywood Studios.

Sorcerer Mickey meet up is first on our list. Mickey had followed the last people off to the side to finish his conversation, so Ethan and I just posed for the photographer. Then Mickey photobombed us!

Then we headed over to meet Minnie. I loved the décor in her room!

I’m pretty sure I’ve said before how much we love to draw at the Animation Academy. This trip, we drew Tigger. Mine is the “fat” Tigger.

I love the Streetmosphere performers. We haven’t been able to catch too many of their performances though, since we’re always running around, trying to show Ethan everything there is. I’m hoping that, the more trips we make, the easier it will be to slow down and schedule these performances in.

We head over to the American Idol Experience. This isn’t a must do (good thing, since it’s now gone) but it was fun to watch.

Muppets 3D was next – I adore this show, especially the pre-show!

Ethan gets to meet Lightning & Mater.

How did I become the photographer in this relationship???

Star Tours
American Idol finale show (We wanted to see the woman we voted for, and who won, during the earlier show. She won the finale.)
Fantasmic – rained out – well, we got to see the first 5 minutes. I’m not sure being rained on while sick is a good idea…

We decided to take the boat to the BoardWalk and see about eating at Big River Grille for dinner. The food here is always good. We crack ourselves up by ordering hot tea and guacamole and chips. Yeah, those go together…

We both ordered the New York Strip – 8oz. USDA Choice New York strip steak, served with garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables $18.99

After dinner, we are toast. I’m coming down with Ethan’s cold now. We take a cab back to AKL and bed.

Jaime & Ethan’s Pinky Swear Trip: Day 5, Part 2 “Magic Kingdom Whirlwind”

The rest of our day at the Magic Kingdom is an interesting mix of rides and events. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of rhyme or reason in our movements…

We take the train from the front of the park over to Frontierland. Here we see a squirrel being fed by some people.

We ride Big Thunder Mountain and try to do Tom Sawyer’s Island, but the line is pretty long.

How about we head into Adventureland for Ethan’s First Dole Whip?

Please notice that Ethan’s shirt appears to be soaked. That is because, as we stood in line for the Dole Whips, the skies opened up for a 20 minutes monsoon. Ethan was on one side of the stand in line, I was on the other (divide and conquer). My side had the advantage in 2 lines were open and we had cover to get out of the rain. Ethan’s side was using HIM as cover! We were texting to see who was getting closer to the front of the line and he came over when we realized mine was the better side.

Haunted Mansion
Ariel’s Grotto
Journey of the Little Mermaid

Yeah, I don’t know what we’re doing either…

Back to Adventureland! We meet Rosetta (?) and Tinkerbell.

Over to the Tiki Room and I’m starting to lose my mind –

Pirates of the Carribbean
Peter Pan’s flight

Trying something new tonight, we decide to watch Wishes from New Fantasyland! I’m standing out in the courtyard and Ethan goes and sits down against the wall. I want to be out though where I can look in every direction. So I’m spinning around, trying to catch every explosion wherever it goes off – I don’t know he’s taking pictures of me. I start talking to the woman next to me and we’re having a blast making ourselves dizzy. Turns out her husband was sitting next to Ethan!

It was cool, but I like the front of the castle better.

After the fireworks, we head over to Be Our Guest for dinner. Ethan is coming down with a cold. When the chef comes out to take our order, Ethan asks for some raw garlic. The chef comes back a few minutes later and slips Ethan a wadded up paper towel.

We both ordered the Grilled Strip Steak – with garlic-herb butter and pommes frites $33.49. The garlic worked it’s magic and Ethan feels well enough to enjoy our meal.

Two very tired people take the bus back to AKL.

Jaime & Ethan’s Pinky Swear Trip: Day 5, Part 1 “Pepperoni, Mushroom, and Pepperoni!”


Breakfast this morning is in the hotel, we are heading down to Boma. I have heard really good things about the gluten free breakfast here.

We are taken through the buffet and are told what’s safe and what’s not. I ask for Allergy Waffles and gluten free donuts. And… gluten free zebra domes, maybe, please?


The difference between a regular zebra dome and a GF zebra dome? The bottom – instead of a slice of cake, it’s a piece of chocolate. I like them better than the regular!!!!

The problem with Boma breakfast is the price, in my opinion. Over $20 a person – we did not eat that much food…

We take a bus over to Downtown Disney and spend a couple hours browsing through all the shops. At around 11:00, we went over to Splitsville, the new bowling alley, and rented a lane for an hour. You are given shoes and menus, but we were going to eat afterwards so we didn’t order anything. By focusing on the bowling, we got 3 full games in during our hour.

She even posed for me!

I broke a nail bowling!

Here is a photo of the last time I was ahead – turns out my husband bowls fairly well…

We had a really great time, although I aggravated a hip injury from over the summer and will limp for the next 3 days. MENTAL NOTE: Bowling should only be done at the END of a vacation!

We have a 1:00 ADR to have lunch here at Splitsville, but we checked in early and they took us (it wasn’t busy on a weekend). We ask to be seated outside.

Splitsville has an extensive gluten free menu! I have been counting down the days until I can try the pizza here. I ordered the Gluten Free + 3 – your choice of three toppings to our GF Cheese: pepperoni, bacon, black olives, broccoli, red peppers, grilled chicken, mushrooms, onions.

I got pepperoni, mushroom, and pepperoni!

Ethan’s lucky I let him try it! And it was a pretty big pizza, but it was so amazing!

Ethan ordered the Steak Fajita Bowl – Grilled marinated steak is served with sautéed red and green peppers, onions then drizzled with tataki sauce. Served with sushi rice and cilantro

We are really happy with our Splitsville experience as I limp away to catch a boat to Old Key West. It’s where I own my DVC points, so Ethan wants to look around.

From OKW, we take a bus to the Magic Kingdom. First thing we do is meet Talking Mickey again. This time, Mickey shows me a card trick!

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