Jaime & Ethan’s Pinky Swear Trip – February, 2014 – Day 1: Part 2 “An Afternoon at Animal Kingdom”

This may be the nicest sight in the world…

Followed, this trip anyway, by this:

We checked in at Jambo House and got our Honeymoon buttons (Honeymoon #3!) before heading over to the actual Animal Kingdom.

We stop at Guest Services to activate our Annual Pass vouchers and purchase a Tables in Wonderland Card. The Tables in Wonderland (TIW) cost me $100, but it provides a discount at a lot of the table service restaurants on Disney property. You need an Annual Pass or to be a Florida resident in order to purchase one. (At 20%, you need to spend $500 for it to pay for itself. It’s good for 1 year. I think we’ll make it.)

We’re having lunch at Flame Tree Bar-B-Q today and we’re starving (it’s now almost 3pm!) Ethan, as always, orders the turkey on gluten free bread. I order the kids’ chicken drumstick meal (which used to have 2 chicken legs!)

Flame Tree meal

It was very good, but I missed the beans and cole slaw from last time, so I think I’ll stick with the adult chicken entrée from now on.

One of today’s goals is to show Ethan Rafiki’s Planet Watch. Yes, I realize we’re grown adults going to a petting zoo, but Ethan is new here and I want him to experience everything! As we walk towards Africa and the train back to Rafiki’s Planet Watch, we pass Baloo and King Louie hanging out and high-five as we go by. (I only mention this because Ethan keeps a running list in his phone of our every move on vacation – scoff away, but wow, it’s really coming in handy right now!)

We take the train ride and wander the path to the building. I can’t believe how far you have to walk once you’re off the train! It felt like we were walking back to where the train picked us up! We finally make it and head through the building portion of this area – looking at the Hidden Mickeys and other exhibits (most of which are creepy crawly things). We get in line for our picture with Rafiki.


We next go outside to the petting zoo type area.

We walk around, looking at the various animals. There are 3 pigs hanging out together when a trainer takes one of the pigs backstage. The remaining 2 pigs are bereft. They are squealing at the gate like they will never see their friend again!

He eventually is returned to them and all is well, but they reminded me of my dogs: put one in the yard for 5 minutes and there’s this huge reuniting scene they need to play out when you let it back in the house.

There’s a bunch of goats hanging out under a large tent structure (it had been raining off and on all day). Basically you’ll see sheep, cows, pigs, and goats out here.

We walk back to the train and head back to Africa. We get in the stand by line for the safari. We take all the normal pictures you take on the safari, nothing spectacular, until we get to the lions. They are out and gorgeous today!

Time for a Mickey bar!

Mickey Bar at Animal Kingdom

We get in line to meet Baloo and King Louie now (SIDE NOTE: we watched The Jungle Book before this trip and I found myself tearing up talking to Baloo and telling him I watched his story and when he got knocked out and they thought he was dead I was very upset… that bear had to think I was nuts…)

(ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: We still had our ice cream and had to hold each other’s Mickey bars in order to be allowed near the characters)

Our room is ready and we are ready to check it out, so we head back to the bus to return to Animal Kingdom Lodge.

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