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Merchandise Monday – New Disney Vera Bradley Pattern

Things have been busy with the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley.  This past Sunday, there was the launch of the Pretty Petals pattern during the Pretty Petals Brunch at Epcot.  The event was very nice but I will leave all the juicy details of the brunch will be in a separate post.

Display booth at the Perfect Petals Brunch

Display booth at the Perfect Petals Brunch


However, during the brunch, the Bouncing Bouquet Vera Bradley was was announced. Unfortunately, this new pattern won’t be available until the Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown Disney opens and the date for the store opening keeps getting pushed back.  (Currently the opening is June but every Cast Member I talked to about it said “June” like they didn’t believe that would actually happen.  So, we will wait patiently and hope for sooner rather than later.)



20140504_144159 (1)


The new pattern is pink and green with some orange accents.  (The glass display case was back lit with a green light so getting a decent picture was near to impossible.) Bouncing Bouquet prominently features both Mickey and Minnie.  Some of the other Disney Vera patterns are a bit more Disney subtle so if you want to show your Disney side then this might just be the pattern for you.

~~~ Happy Shopping!!! ~~~

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