Throwback Thursday – Mickey Balloons

Ahhh, Mickey Balloons.  I’ve loved them as long as I can remember.  They are so cheerful and iconic.  When I see this picture I took in the summer of 1982 it brings back such fond memories of an almost innocent time.


The balloons were different than they are now.  Back then, the balloons were just latex with no extra protection.  If your balloon popped, and it did quite often given the nature of the latex balloons, you would shed a few tears and listen to an “I told you so” by at least one of your family members.  The tears never lasted long though because your Mickey balloon was always quickly replaced by a cast member.


Today, the latex Mickey balloons of yesteryear are no more.  Now, the Mickey helium balloons are inside of a clear balloon, known as a glasshouse, or are shiny Mylar.  Some even light up with the help of a glow stick.  And instead of lasting a mere 24 hours, today’s Mickey balloons last up to a month.  They cost significantly more than the Mickey balloons of my youth but still bring a smile to my face every time I see them being sold on Main Street USA.

(Did you notice the Disney rental strollers in the old picture?  You gotta love a metal stroller with no padding on the seats.  How about the short shorts with the knee socks?  That’s why the 80’s were a great decade!)


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